AGIMUS Partners at KLEEMANN Lift Manufacturing Industrial Pilot

AGIMUS Partners at KLEEMANN Lift Manufacturing Industrial Pilot

AGIMUS partners, including Inria, PAL Robotics, Toward SAS, and Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL, embarked on an illuminating visit to the KLEEMANN Lift Manufacturing industrial pilot in Kilkis, Greece, on February 20th.

During the visit, partners were immersed in KLEEMANN's case studies, witnessing live demonstrations and gaining insights into the intricacies of processes such as gluing reinforcement parts in the cabin’s false ceiling and applying floor covering material. Moreover, discussions revolved around identifying the appropriate hardware components to be integrated into the TIAGo robot to effectively execute the case study requirements.

The visit concluded with an engaging factory tour, providing partners with a comprehensive understanding of KLEEMANN's operations and manufacturing facilities. The insightful discussions and firsthand observations during the tour further solidified the collaborative efforts between AGIMUS partners.

Overall, the visit proved to be a fruitful endeavor, fostering enhanced collaboration and knowledge exchange among industry experts and researchers. AGIMUS partners look forward to leveraging the insights gained from this visit to drive further advancements in robotic applications within the manufacturing sector.



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