MegaPose: 6D Pose Estimation of Novel Objects via Render & Compare

MegaPose: 6D Pose Estimation of Novel Objects via Render & Compare

Explore Inria’s and Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics’ paper titled “MegaPose: 6D Pose Estimation of Novel Objects via Render & Compare”.

Our partners introduce MegaPose, a novel method designed to accurately estimate the position and orientation (pose) of objects in 3D space, even for objects it has not been trained on. During inference, MegaPose requires only a clear view and a 3D CAD model of the object.

The method introduces three significant contributions:

  • A pose refinement technique that compares expected views of the object from different angles, improving accuracy.
  • A coarse pose estimation approach that makes initial estimations and refines them based on the disparity between expected and observed views.
  • Utilization of a large-scale synthetic dataset with diverse object shapes and appearances for training, enhancing the model's ability to generalize to new objects.

Evaluation on multiple datasets demonstrates that MegaPose achieves state-of-the-art performance, even surpassing methods trained specifically on the objects they are tested on. This suggests MegaPose's effectiveness in accurately recognizing and positioning novel objects.

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