Launch of AI Ecosystem Mapping Initiative with AI Networks of Excellence

Launch of AI Ecosystem Mapping Initiative with AI Networks of Excellence

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an AI Ecosystem Mapping Initiative, a collaborative effort between VISION, the European Commission, and nine AI Networks of Excellence (NoE).

This initiative aims to provide a comprehensive overview of AI-related research, development, and innovation activities across Europe, fostering collaboration and empowering the European AI research and innovation ecosystem.

The mapping tool, a key component of VISION's mission, will ensure that the ecosystem mapping continues beyond the project's end in August 2024. To achieve this sustainability, VISION has enlisted support from other initiatives. University College Cork, a VISION partner with extensive mapping experience, has played a pivotal role, leveraging its involvement with the AI-on-demand platform. Additionally, the University of Twente, a partner in the Adra-e project, has taken charge of cartography for the innovation ecosystem.

Together, these three parties have established a Joint Topic Group under the AI-Data-Robotics association (Adra). This group, named ‘Ecosystem Mapping & Information Repository’ (EMIR), serves as an open forum dedicated to the ongoing development and enhancement of the mapping initiative. EMIR's mission is to maximize the effectiveness of the AI, Data, and Robotics community by supporting the creation and maintenance of an ecosystem mapping and information services that benefit the ADR research and innovation community.


Find out more and explore the tool here.


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