Impact of AI, Big data and Robotics on CO2 reduction

The Adra-e project organises the European Convergence Summit (ECS) 2024 on 19 June 2024, 09:00 - 17:00, and will be held online.

The ECS is a high-level event that aims to bring together influential figures from various backgrounds to support the co-programming of the Artificial Intelligence Data and Robotics (ADR) partnership. Its goals are to define orientations for ADR research and innovation in Europe with respect to socioeconomic issues, and to build a consensus among stakeholders. The overarching theme of the event will be the impact of ADR on energy and CO2 reduction.

The event will be organised in three main blocks:

  • Block 1: European Strategies in ADR
  • Block 2: ADR and Environmental Issues
  • Block 3: Public Involvement and Normative Issues

The ADR Exhibition will include demonstrations of successful interaction between three technologies. This will allow EC-funded projects and other initiatives to showcase emerging technologies and outline future paths for ADR. The exhibits will demonstrate interaction between at least two of the three technologies.

Also, our synergy project euROBIN will participate with a virtual stand at the ADR Virtual Exhibition!

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