Introducing RoboCompass: Pioneering Responsible Robotics! 

Introducing RoboCompass: Pioneering Responsible Robotics! 

In a world where technology is advancing at lightning speed, it's crucial to consider the societal impacts of robotics beyond just their technical capabilities. That's where RoboCompass comes in!

 What is RoboCompass?

Developed by the EU-funded project Robotics4EU, RoboCompass is a revolutionary tool designed to address non-technological barriers to robot adoption. Whether you’re a company, researcher, EU-funded project, or policymaker, RoboCompass offers a method to assess and enhance the societal aspects of your robotics initiatives.

 Why RoboCompass?

Here’s what sets RoboCompass apart:

1. Community-Driven Development: Shaped over three years by a diverse community, ensuring it addresses real-world concerns effectively.

2. Comprehensive Assessment Categories:

  • Socio-economic Impact
  • Human Experience
  • Environmental Impact
  • Legal Considerations
  • Data Management

3. Holistic Evaluation and Improvement:

  • Receive global and category-specific scores
  • Get personalized recommendations to refine your projects

4. Accessible on AI-on-Demand: Find RoboCompass in the Innovation Section of the AI-on-Demand platform and take the first step towards responsible robotics.

By leveraging RoboCompass, you can ensure that your robotics projects are not only innovative but also socially and environmentally responsible. Let’s navigate the complexities of Responsible Robotics together!

 Discover RoboCompass and make a positive impact today: 



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